National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest

National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest is an International Travel and Adventure Photography and Filmmaking Festival with an ambitious mission – to open the doors of the world by gathering the best in the area to talk about their life, share their work and inspire. By opening the soul to the magic of discovery and exploration, it is also opening the heart to new cultures and new environments, closing the gap of the relation between Nature and Men.

This is the festival that inspires people to go, to wander, to dream and be free. Free of doubt, free of fear, free of prejudice, free of cultural and ethnic barriers. It’s a hymn to humanity and a homage to our planet. It’s the place where we make the world accessible to all, by sharing the best photography and video works on the subject.

We are talking about world renowned photographers and filmmakers that work regularly with prominent names like National Geographic, Time Magazine, Esquire, Red Bull, DJI and many others.

We will have presentations of works, portfolios and personal stories lived by highly talented and influent photographers and videographers; invaluable masterclasses for those seeking the opportunity to evolve and perfect their own craft of visual creation; and photo shows and galleries with heart stopping images that will inspire the audience to discover what lies beyond.

The word “exodus” can be defined as people on the move. Join us in the Exodus and be part of this global movement of creativity.

Exodus Personality of the Year

To honour the work and dedication to humanitarian causes in the field of photography and video is part of the vision behind the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest. 

The 2017 edition pays homage to Reza Deghati, a talented photographer with an incredible career and important achievements in the field of human rights. We are honoured to have Reza in Aveiro for the grand opening of the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017.

Reza, among other things, is a philanthropic photojournalist who has been working in this area of ​​photography for more than 30 years. He has travelled to more than 100 countries and contributed to major publications such as National Geographic, Newsweek, Time Magazine and many others.

In addition to his work as a photographer, he was also involved in numerous humanitarian actions . Since 1983 Reza teaches photography to victims of armed conflicts so that they can find refuge and salvation in the creation of images.

His list of awards and honourable mentions include distinctions such as World Press Photo, Infinity Awards or even Doctor Honoris Causa by the American University of Paris.

It is thus a great privilege to have Reza Deghati as the Exodus Personality of The Year in the first edition of the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest.



Hugging the edge of the Ria, a shallow coastal lagoon rich in birdlife, Aveiro is a prosperous town with a youthful, energetic buzz. It’s occasionally dubbed the Venice of Portugal thanks to its high-prowed boats, humpbacked bridges and small network of picturesque canals. It’s a lovely little place best explored on foot or aboard a moliceiro – the traditional seaweed-harvesting boat now converted to tourist use.

Aveiro is known for its production of salt and for its seaweed harvest. The region is also known for the preponderance of ceramics industries and commerce, resulting in a long productive tradition since the late Roman, early Medieval period.

Aveiro is also known in Portugal for its traditional sweets – ovos moles de Aveiro and trouxas de ovos, both made from eggs. Raivas are also a typical biscuit.

Speaking Sessions

Inspiring and moving Speaking Sessions throughout Friday and Saturday, with 10 sessions in total featured by world renowned travel and adventure photographers and filmmakers.


Short Travel Talks by Tour Leaders, people that spend their life travelling and taking others on travelling journeys.


Amazing masterclasses, providing extensive and invaluable knowledge . It's a unique opportunity to boost your skills and creativity with the best in the field. Each masterclass has a 3 hour duration, with a strict limit of 40 people.

Photo Exhibitions

Photo exhibitions displayed in several parts of Aveiro, with breathtaking images of incredible moments captured by some of the best photographers in the world. A must see for everyone.

Brand Stands

The hall of the Congress Center will have several stands with brands showcasing their products and services, a great way to get in touch with the most recent technologies.


Being part of the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest means you will be in the center of the action, seeing everything and meeting everyone. Let yourself free and meet likeminded people, share your ideas and projects and interact personally with our invited guests. How cool is that?

Late Night Sessions

Music concerts with local bands to keep the night going with music, party and fun. A good time to grab a drink and make friends with everyone. No early sleeping for you folks. 😉

Eat, Drink and Ask

Food and beverages will be available during the festival, as well as event assistants ready to help you find your way and feel at home.

National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017

The Event of the Year
Register Now...

The race for tickets began with the early price during the month of May. Since then, many tickets were sold. The 700 mark is getting closer and closer and, after that, there is no way in.

Why wait? What else would you plan on a cold December weekend? This is a unique chance, and it’s up to you to follow through.

Is there any better investment that education? Yes, there is… education, inspiration and creative mojo. Three in one. You will never travel, photograph or film the same way again.

Three amazing days

National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017 Program

December, 1st
10:00 - 13:00
Hall do Centro de Congressos

Opening of Exhibitions

The opening activity, a great day to meet the honourable guests, to drink a good glass of Port and enjoy the amazing beauty of the photos on display in a guided tour by the authors (photographers and filmmakers) themselves. All great reasons to make it on time, and enjoy the full event.

12:00 - 13:00

BioLiving Lecture

The power of image in the power of work. The unlikely relationship between photographic and nature conservancy.

13:00 - 14:30

Bolsa de Exploração Nomad

Clearing session ( with appointment ) about this annual fund of 10,000€
Register now. Limited places. [SOLD OUT]

14:30 - 15:00
Auditório do Centro de Congressos

Grand Opening of the Festival

The Grand Opening of the Festival, with an inspiring projection made by National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest, and an a inaugural speech by a distinct personality of the world of travel and natural conservancy.

15:00 - 20:00
Auditório do Centro de Congressos

5 Speaking Session

Inspiring and moving Speaking Sessions throughout Friday and Saturday, with 10 sessions in total featured by world renowned travel and adventure photographers and filmmakers.

Ami Vitale, Mário Cruz, Konsta Punkka, Jody MacDonald, Shams

30 minutes per session + 15 minutes of questions + 15 minutes of coffee break

22:00 - 24:00


Short Travel Talks by Tour Leaders, people that spend their life travelling and taking others on travelling journeys.

December, 2nd
10:00 - 12:00

Red Bull Media House Sessions

A selected group of videos made by Red Bull will be on display to inspire wannabe adventurers and adrenalin junkies. Red Bull is also bringing a notorious name in the house to talk about his adventures.

12:00 - 13:00


The future of education in photography and documental film
— Oriented by IPCI

15:00 - 20:00
Auditório do Centro de Congressos

5 Speaking Sessions

Inspiring and moving Speaking Sessions throughout Friday and Saturday, with 10 sessions in total featured by world renowned travel and adventure photographers and filmmakers.

Michael Clark, Pete McBride, GMB Akash, Oliver Astrologo, Elia Locardi
30 minutes per session + 15 minutes of questions + 15 minutes of coffee break

22:00 - 24h00
Bar do Centro de Congressos

Exodus Late Night Sessions

Music concerts with local bands to keep the night going with music, party and fun.

December, 3rd
10:00 - 13:00
Salas de Workshop, no Centro de Congressos

3 Masterclasses


Choose your mentor and get 3 hours of invaluable teaching in the form of an exclusive masterclass. It’s a unique opportunity to learn with the best, and get a substancial boost in advancing your photography and filmmaking expertise.

15:00 - 18:00
Salas de Workshop, no Centro de Congressos

3 Masterclasses


Choose your mentor and get 3 hours of invaluable teaching in the form of an exclusive masterclass. It’s a unique opportunity to learn with the best, and get a substancial boost in advancing your photography and filmmaking expertise.

Invited Speakers
Experienced & Talented Photographers and Filmmakers

Awesome Speakers

Having thoroughly analysed the work and career of several artists, we have gathered a heterogenous group of the most eminent invitees in the field. It’s a lineup of professionals who are capable of delivering a wide variety of concepts and knowledge. From the very fist moment we aimed for excellence, diversity and relevance to the theme and philosophy of the Festival.

  • Ami Vitale

    Describing Ami’s professional background in a short bio is next to impossible. Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic Photographer, she has travelled over 90 …

    Photographer & Filmmaker
  • Elia Locardi

    Photographer and Filmmaker

    Photographer and Filmmaker
  • GMB Akash


  • Jody MacDonald

    Jody MacDonald is an award winning adventure sport and documentary photographer. For the last decade she has been the resident photographer on a …

  • Konsta Punkka

    He is known as the Squirrel Whisperer and by looking at his photos you might believe he does indeed talk to animals. His …

  • Mário Cruz

    Most photographers only get internationally recognised after years of developing new projects and battling the constant fight for a place in this competitive …

  • Michael Clark

    Michael Clark is an unquestionable name in the world of adventure photography, creating beautiful images of extraordinary moments that reveal the determination of …

  • Oliver Astrologo

    Oliver Astrologo is a London/Rome based digital director that specialises in video making, photography and internet technologies serving global fashion, automotive and travel brands …

    Photographer & Filmmaker
  • Pete McBride

    Talented, funny and fascinating, Pete McBride fuels the imagination of those who dream of faraway adventures of discovery and exploration. He has directed …

    Photographer & Filmmaker
  • Shams


Learning from the Best

Masterclass Programs

There are six masterclasses available, three in the morning and three in the afternoon. Each masterclass has a duration of approximately 3 hours of intensive learning.

If you’re interested in attending two masterclasses, make sure that they don’t overlap during the ticket selection. Choose one from the morning period and the other one from the afternoon period.

Moments in Time: A post-processing masterclass  

Learn how Elia Locardi uses various post-processing techniques to achieve the highly detailed and colorful style in his imagery.

This class will build by first reinforcing fundamental and non-linear raw processing techniques before ramping up in complexity to reveal powerful editing tools in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. You’ll learn how Elia blends different moments in time together to create a truly unique image while invoking a powerful emotional response in the viewer.  

‘Street Adventure’ – Street Photography Masterclass with GMB Akash

This masterclass invites you to dive deep in the world of Street Photography. By registering into this program you will know how to nurture the main principles of street photography without having to do a round-the-world-trip. Besides the secrets of “Street Adventure”, you will get to know how to use ambient light and shadows to portray a destination and its inhabitants. The class will consist of presentations with insightful tips and techniques to help you better learn how to shoot captivating street photographs and to  learn and improve your way of portraying people by mastering the relationship with the subject. The masterclass is also offering an opportunity of portfolio review for emerging artists and photographers.

‘Chasing Rivers’ – Filmmaking Masterclass with Pete McBride

This Masterclass will be about the power of photography, filmmaking, and the impact of simple stories that work. I’ll walk students through how to make better images, how to produce videos and how to find stories that make a difference. 

Masterclass with Ami Vitale

This Masterclass will be about making powerful images and turning them into compelling stories that make a difference. You will develop a keen sense of what goes into creating and sustaining a long term project and discuss publishing outlets for your images. You will learn about light, moment, how to tell a unique story and grow an audience. This intimate workshop will teach you skills that will last a lifetime. 

Adventure Sports Photography:  A Masterclass with Michael Clark

Adventure photography can be an adventure in itself, involving breathtaking locations, extreme conditions, and working with elite athletes in risky situations. It requires a host of skills, including technical excellence with the camera, familiarity with a sport, and the ability to be mindful of your goals and your safety at all times.
In this Masterclass, Michael shares his experiences working in the adventure marketplace, and photographing for stock, editorial, and commercial clients. Topics covered in this seminar include research and preparation, composition and camera angles, equipment selection, use of natural light, fill flash, and battery-powered strobes, advanced lighting techniques, and autofocus techniques. In addition, Michael will cover some of the basic aspects of running a photography business including career development, marketing yourself and your work, and dealing with the ups and downs of the freelance lifestyle.
Participants will leave this Masterclass with solid information and insights into the adrenaline-pumping and potentially lucrative world of adventure photography.

Filmmaking Masterclass with Oliver Astrologo

Oliver Astrologo shares his filmmaking approach for all, describing the detailed process on:

– Choosing the right gear (Lenses, Cameras, Gimbals, Drones).

– Getting a proper Camera Set-Up (S-Log2, Frame Rate, Resolution).

– When filming how to infuse and build the emotion in your story, through a variety of filmic elements.

– Special techniques: Hyperlapses, Transitions and many more.

– Editing.

– Sound design.

– How to promote your video, the launch plan.

– Q&A

Multiple pricing options

Buy Your Tickets Today

There is a limited number of places for both the Speaking Sessions and the Masterclasses. Once full, there is no way in. And that means missing all the rest… NomadTalks, Debates, Photo Exhibitions Tours, Late Night Sessions and all the precious networking.

So, why wait? Buy it now and spread the word with all the people you would love to have next to you.

Exodus Causes

Why Travel?

Traveling is getting away with an open spirit knowing you will face the unknown. But traveling is also opening the eyes to the world and realising what lies beyond the surface. It’s admiring the beauty but, at the same time, feeling the sadness that oftentimes hides behind it.

The contagious beauty we see in so many places contrasts deeply with the humanised destruction that little by little ends up consuming it. If travel is discovery, and part of our exploration reveals the sadness of a different reality, is our “journey” really over?

We don’t think so, and because of that Exodus is channeling all its profits to finance the creation of an anual project (Exodus Causes) dedicated to the aid, support, assertive action and awareness of humanitarian, environmental and social problems.

If we can inspire others to travel, we can also inspire them to participate actively in the eradication of forgetfulness. The journey will be over when the message is not only ours, but spread far and away so it never ever gets lost.

Thank you all for your help and commitment.

logotipo BioLIVING

No one can remain indifferent to this tragic summer in terms of fires and their trace of destruction. As such, in the existence of profits in this first edition, they will be channelled to the Associação BioLiving, a non-profit association for the protection of the environment, for its projects dedicated to reforestation.

This is the Associação BioLiving manifest:

“One day we dared to dream.

We wanted to create a project that would integrate people, animals and plants into one language, into one common goal. We put up our sleeves and promised to bring education and nature to all.

And today, more than ever, the utopian dream is necessary. From science, we made it a tool, from the will to see a better world we made a cause.

In less than a year we planted 5500 trees, restored 10 acres of degraded habitat, mobilized 1500 volunteers, energized more than 70 educational or nature conservation actions towards a world where no one feels excluded. Where no one is ashamed to love nature.

BioLiving – We work to make the dream come true. “

All this means that when you buy your ticket you will be contributing to a great cause.

The people behind the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017

Organising Team

The people running the show, working hard to bring you the best creative event of the year. Two established photographers and one creative entrepreneur, joint forces to turn a long loved idea into something remarkable.

  • Bernardo Conde

    Bernardo Conde is a passionate photographer specialized at travel, nature and outdoor photography. He has already included in his portfolio places like Madagascar, Mongolia, …

    Travel Photographer / Workshops / Tour Leader
  • Gonçalo Figueiredo

    Gonçalo Figueiredo is a Photographer and Filmmaker, with a vast experience in travel expeditions. Among others, he has crossed the Australian Savannah, from Cairns …

    Creative Director / Commercial and Editorial Photographer / Filmmaker
  • Pedro Cerqueira

    Pedro Cerqueira is a photographer, designer, and entrepreneur in the area of ​​digital printing. He was born in Porto, where he got his degree …

    Photographer / Designer / Entrepreneur
National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017

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How to get here

Car, Train or Plane

If you’re coming by car from the North, take the A29 or A1 and then the A25 connection to Aveiro. If you’re coming by car from the South, take the A17 or A1 and then the A25 connection to Aveiro.

Approximate distances and travel time
From Porto: 75 km (48 min)
From Coimbra: 64 km (50 min)
From Lisbon: 255 km (2h33 min)

We established a partnership with CP (Comboios de Portugal).
If you’re coming by train there are several standard discounts and a special promotion for anyone with the Exodus Aveiro Fest ticket.

Standard Discounts:

  • Buy your ticket 5, 8 or more days in advance and get discounts of up to 65%: Compra Antecipada
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30% discount in all Intercidades (1st and 2nd class), Interregional and Regional trains.

Oporto (OPO) International Airport is the closest to Aveiro

After arriving at the airport, you can rent a car, or use the underground to get to the “Campanha” Station, where you can catch a train to Aveiro. (depending of the train, between 30 and 60 min)

Lisbon (LIS) International Airport

After arriving at the airport, you can rent a car, or use the underground to get to “Oriente” Station, where you can catch a train to Aveiro. (2h30m by train)

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