2022 edition

Exodus Aveiro Fest

The Exodus Aveiro Fest is an international festival of photography and video of travel and adventure that has a mission of cultural, human and environmental dissemination through the sharing of some of the best professionals in the world in these areas at the Centro de Congressos, in Aveiro.

The festival is unique and already considered beyond borders as one of the best in the world, promotes decentralization as a principle and has solidified itself in Aveiro. Welcoming renowned artists, it promotes cultural access and development while stimulating the participation of local and regional communities, before and during the event itself.

Exodus is the festival of human, cultural, social and environmental values. This is the mission. To bring the local community closer by creating a genuine and international dimension. It is the festival of travel, adventure, curiosity and the “challenge to challenge ourselves”, united and inspired by values. It is the starting point for a more tolerant world, sharing the best works of photography and video on the themes that have more value for their dissemination and preservation, inspiring knowledge and discovery.

At the event, we will have presentations of projects, portfolios and personal stories lived by great talents and influential photographers and videographers. There also will be powerful masterclasses for those seeking the opportunity to evolve and perfect their art of visual creation; and photography exhibitions, with breathtaking galleries that will take participants to see beyond.

The word “Exodus” can be defined as people in motion. Join the Exodus Aveiro Fest and be part of this global creative movement!

City of Aveiro

Aveiro is a city of magic. As Miguel Esteves Cardoso says “a city with the right size”. Embracing the edge of the Ria, a shallow coastal lagoon rich in birdlife, Aveiro is a prosperous city, full of history and culture, with a youthful and energetic vibe. It is occasionally called the Venice of Portugal because of its high bow boats, arched bridges and a small network of picturesque canals.

Aveiro is known for its salt production and seaweed harvest. The region is also known for the preponderance of ceramic industries and commerce, which result in a long productive tradition since the Roman period and the beginning of the medieval period.

We cannot forget the traditional sweets – the Ovos Moles de Aveiro and the Trouxas de Ovos, both made from eggs, and also the Raivas, typical biscuits of this region.

After the first edition, which exceeded expectations by filling the auditorium with more than 700 people each day, we realized that we could not have chosen a better place to hold this festival. The community spirit that is felt among the whole audience, with a contagious energy of sharing, curiosity and emotion, is unmatched.


Exodus Aveiro Fest returns to Aveiro Congress Centre on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December 2022

It’s time to celebrate the world with our community! Back to inspiration, to dream, to inform …  Together, once again, in our house!

Join this community!

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Speaking Sessions

Inspiring and moving Speaking Sessions throughout Saturday and Sunday with 10 sessions in total featured by world-renowned travel and adventure photographers and filmmakers.
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Amazing masterclasses, providing extensive and invaluable knowledge. It's a unique opportunity to boost your skills and creativity with the best in the field. Each masterclass has a 3-hour duration, with a strict limit of 25 people
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Travel Talks by ABVP

Short travel talks by tour leaders, frequent travellers, people who spend their lives travelling and sharing their experiences. A unique opportunity to feel the wandering vibe behind the theme of travel and discovery.
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Photo exhibitions

Photo exhibitions displayed in several parts of Aveiro, with breathtaking images of incredible moments captured by some of the best photographers in the world.
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Late Night Sessions

Moment of festivity between participants and speakers in a happy atmosphere.
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Is not that frequent to have such great creative personalities all together in one place. In this roundtable, we’ll get part of the guest speakers to debate a bit about their vision about the world, photography and video.
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Being part of the Exodus Aveiro Fest means you will be in the centre of the action, seeing everything and meeting everyone. Let yourself free and meet like-minded people, share your ideas and projects and interact personally with our invited guests. How cool is that?
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Exodus Talents

In this time space is intended to highlight and recognize the value of Portuguese photographers and videographers whose works reflect the vectors of Exodus Aveiro Fest. This can be adventure and travel photography/videography, documentary photography/videography of cultural and ethnic realities, as well as awareness-raising photography/videography projects and nature and conservation of the global environment or photojournalistic projects that involve social-humanitarian questions.
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Simultaneous translation

Exodus Aveiro Fest lectures will have simultaneous translation services from English to Portuguese and vice versa.
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The Aveiro Congress Centre is prepared to welcome any participant, even with low mobility, with elevators that can take you to all floors of the building.
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Brand Stands

The hall of the Congress Centre will have several stands with brands showcasing their products and services.

Exodus Personality of the Year

To honour the work and the dedication to humanitarian causes in the field of photography and video is part of the vision behind the Exodus Aveiro Fest. For that reason, we’ll try to homage great personalities of the world of photography and video but also activists or defenders of human and nature rights with top careers, award-winners with a path marked by the dedication to humanitarian, social and/or environmental causes.


By participating in the Exodus Aveiro Fest, you are contributing to ExodusCauses, which is a funding route that allows the channelling of part of the profits made at the festival to an entity working in environmental conservation or social projects.

From environmental causes to social causes, ExodusCauses has already made its best contribution, thanks to all those who trust us and are part of Exodus year after year.

In 2017, we supported the BioLiving Association, a non-profit environmental association, with projects dedicated to reforestation.

For ExodusCauses 2018, the organization chosen was Amnesty International. This organization fights for the defence of human rights and against social injustices all over the world.

In 2019, we chose a different project, FotoEvidence, an organization that uses photography to draw attention to human rights violations, injustice, oppression and attacks on human dignity. This support came in the form of a commemorative exhibition and is now part of the photographic archive of our event.

The year 2020 is atypical, and this year’s ExodusCauses is also atypical. We support not one but two projects, the CAIS Association and Agora Aveiro and their project Plantar o Futuro.

If we can inspire others to travel with our journeys, we can also encourage them to participate in the eradication of forgetfulness actively. Is there any project or entity that works with the same values of this festival, and you would like it to be supported? Then share with us!

    Environmental conservation and social projects


    By participating in the Exodus Aveiro Fest, you are contributing to ExodusCauses, which is a funding route that allows the channeling of part of the profits made at the festival to an entity working in environmental conservation or social projects.

    From environmental causes to social causes, ExodusCauses has already made its best contribution, thanks to all those who trust us and are part of Exodus year after year.

    Agora Aveiro is an association that, in 2010, emerged from the desire to "make it happen". From the will to join efforts…
    The organization of the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest was the invited direction of the October edition of this magazine, where, among…
    In 2019, we chose to support a somewhat different but equally important project. We helped FotoEvidence, an organization that uses photography to…
    For Exodus Causes 2018, the organisation chosen was Amnesty International. This organisation fights for human rights and against social injustices all over…
    In 2017, the BioLiving Association, a non-profit association for environmental protection, with projects dedicated to reforestation, was the entity chosen to receive…

    Exodus Aveiro Fest Program

    2nd December
    21:30 - 23:30
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Exodus Warm up
    Speaking Session of Rick Smolan

    Music showcase of Kid Robinn & Daniel Pereira Cristo

    3rd December
    10:00 - 11:00
    Grand Auditorium
    11:20 - 12:20
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Jacinto Policarpo & Matilde Fieschi
    12:20 - 14:30
    Lunch Break
    14:30 - 15:00
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Grand Opening
    15:00 - 15:45
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Art Wolfe
    15:45 - 16:15
    16:15 - 17:00
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Alixandra Fazzina
    17:00 - 17:45
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Andy Best
    17:45 - 18:15
    18:15 - 19:00
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Beth Wald
    19:00 - 19:45
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Pie Aerts
    19:45 - 21:30
    Dinner Break
    21:30 - 23:30
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Travel Talks by ABVP
    4th December
    10:00 - 11:00
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Exodus Inspirational Causes - The Trash Traveler & Ilhas de Biodiversidade
    11:20 - 12:20
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Luís Godinho & Luísa Ferreira
    12:20 - 14:45
    Lunch Break
    14:45 - 15:30
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Michael Yamashita
    15:30 - 16:15
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    José Sarmento Matos
    16:15 - 16:45
    16:45 - 17:30
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Brittany Mumma
    17:30 - 18:15
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Pippa Ehrlich
    18:15 - 18:45
    18:45 - 19:30
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Ragnar Axelsson
    19:30 - 19:45
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    Exodus Personality of the Year
    19:45 - 20:00
    Grand Auditorium by Lexus
    The End

    Exodus Aveiro Fest 2022

    Is there a better investment than education? Yes, there is… education, inspiration and creativity. Three in one. You will never travel, photograph or film the same way again.

    December 3rd and 4th 2022, at Aveiro Congress Centre, but also at your home!

    Experienced & talented photographers and filmmakers

    Awesome speakers

    After analysing the projects and careers of several artists, we gathered a heterogeneous group of the most eminent guests in these areas. It is a program with professionals capable of offering a wide variety of concepts and knowledge. From the very first moment, the essential requirements focused on excellence, diversity and relevance to the Festival theme and philosophy.

    • Rick Smolan

      Rick Smolan, CEO of Against All Odds Productions is a New York Times best-selling author with more than five million copies of his books…
    • Alixandra Fazzina

      A photographer and Author, Alixandra Fazzina’s work focuses on under-reported conflicts and the often forgotten humanitarian consequences of war. Alixandra (UK/ IRELAND) is known…
      Photographer and Author
    • Andy Best

      Andy has studied art his entire life starting with sketching, pastels, and oil paints in his Grandmother’s studio as a child. He attended film…
      Photographer & Filmmaker
    • Art Wolfe

      Canon Legend Art Wolfe has worked on every continent over the course of his decades-long career. Wolfe’s photographs are recognized throughout the world for…
    • Beth Wald

      Beth Wald’s award winning photography documents cultures and environments at risk; she is particularly interested in telling stories about how traditional cultures around the…
    • Brittany Mumma

      Growing up in the mountains of Alaska, Brittany Mumma developed a passion for adventure early on. After graduating from Boston College, Mumma made the…
      Photographer & Filmmaker
    • José Sarmento Matos

      José Sarmento Matos is a Portuguese documentary photographer. He is 33 years old and is currently based between London and Lisbon. JSM focuses his…
    • Michael Yamashita

      With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, photographer Michael Yamashita is known as one of photography’s top influencers. He has shot for the National…
    • Pie Aerts

      Pie Aerts (@pie_aerts) is a Dutch documentary and wildlife photographer with a sincere interest in human/wildlife conflict stories. Through his lens, he examines the…
    • Pippa Ehrilch

      Pippa Ehrlich is the co-writer, editor, and director of My Octopus Teacher – South Africa’s first Netflix Original documentary. The film has garnered attention from celebrities, conservationists, and scientists…
    • Ragnar Axelsson

      For over 40 years, Ragnar Axelsson, Rax (b. 1958), has been photographing the people, animals and landscape of the most remote regions of the…
    4 portuguese photographer and filmmakers


    We want to highlight and recognize the value of Portuguese photographers and videographers whose works reflect the vectors of Exodus Aveiro Fest. 

    • Matilde Fieschi

      Matilde Fieschi, independent photographer, lives and works in Lisbon. She studied visual arts and with a scholarship graduated in Photography and Visual Culture. With…
    • Jacinto Policarpo

      Born and raised in a rural area, Nature has always been part of my life. During my childhood I spent most of my time…
    • Luís Godinho

      Luís Godinho was born in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, in 1983. He holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from University of Azores…
    • Luísa Ferreira

      Luísa finished her master degree in Biological Engineering, however that never felt like a fulfilling life path to her. Always wandering from mountain to…
    Aprender com os Melhores

    Programa das Masterclasses

    Estão disponiveis duas masterclasses, uma na manhã de sábado e uma na manhã de domingo. Cada masterclass tem uma duração aproximada de 3 horas de aprendizagem intensiva.

    Multiple pricing options

    Buy your ticket today

    There are a limited number of seats. Once tickets are sold out, there is no way to attend. And that means missing so much…

    Why wait? Buy now and share with everyone you wish would come with you.

    The amazing ambassadors of Exodus Aveiro Fest 2022

    Exodus Ambassadors

    We count on the precious help of these personalities from the world of travel and photography to take the values of the Exodus Aveiro Fest to more people.

    • Tânia Muxima

      I was born in Angola, lived in Brazil and only then came to Portugal, more precisely to Figueira da Foz, a place where I…
      Traveler | Surf Instructor
    • Filipe Morato Gomes

      Filipe Morato Gomes was born in Porto. He is 50 years old, has worked in multimedia for over a decade and is the founder…
    • Luís Octávio Costa

      From Viana, Luís Octávio Costa has been a journalist for Público since 1998. He has covered the world's biggest soccer competitions, helped found P3,…
      Journalist | Instagrammer
    • Michelle Cascais

      Michelle Cascais Rita was born in Connecticut, USA, but it was Portugal that made her people. She graduated in Communication Science and returned to…
      Blogger | Instagrammer | Writer
    The people behind the Exodus Aveiro Fest

    Organising Team

    The people running the show, working hard to bring you the best creative event of the year. Besides these five people, there is a group of volunteers which helps achieve our goal.

    • Bernardo Conde

      Bernardo Conde is a passionate photographer specialized in travel, nature and outdoor photography. His portfolio includes places like Madagascar, Mongolia, Iceland, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand,…
      Travel Photographer / Workshops / Tour leader
    • Isabel Gonçalves

      Isabel Gonçalves is a professional Tourism Technician, specialising in social network management and digital marketing, and event production. This journey, from tourism to travel…
      Sponsorship Manager
    • Pedro Cardoso

      I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER, BUT PORTRAITS ARE MY JAM. I’m Pedro Cardoso. I was born in the 80’s, listen to everything from Tchaikovsky to…

    Creative Team

    These are the people who make it happen throughout the year together with the organisation!

    • Fernando Santos

    • Rosário Costa

      Rosário Costa
    • Francesca Gamelas

      Francesca Gamelas
    • Helder Berenguer

      Helder Berenguer
      Responsável do projeto educativo
    • Inês Valente

      Inês Valente
      Social Media Manager
    • Rui Serrano

      Rui Serrano
      Video Editor
    • Anabela Gonçalves

      She has been an animator on the M80 radio station since the first day of Radio. It began in 2001 at 90Fm and went…
      Anabela Gonçalves
      Journalist / Speaker / Communication Manager
    Exodus Aveiro Fest 2022

    Supporters, Partners and Sponsors


    Institutional Partners


    Media Partners

    Audience testimonials

    There is no one better to say how good the Exodus Aveiro Fest is, as those who have experienced it.

    Frequently asked questions

    No. The exhibition that is in the Congress Center during the festival, is reserved for those who are participating in the festival.

    Subsequently, the images will be on display in the city of Aveiro, with free admission.

    No. The Masterclass ticket only gives access to the respective masterclass. You can see the exhibition and also the brands stands, but you don’t have access to the Grand Auditorium.

    No. A Speaking Session ticket gives you access to all activities that take place on festival days, except for masterclasses.

    How to get here

    Car, train ou plane

    If you’re coming by car from the north, take the A29 or A1 highway and then the A25 connection to Aveiro. If you’re coming by car from the south, take the A17 or A1 and then the A25 connection to Aveiro.

    Approximate distances and travel time:

    • From Porto: 75 km (48 min)
    • From Coimbra: 64 km (50 min)
    • From Lisbon: 255 km (2h33 min)

    Exodus Aveiro Fest Special Discounts

    Special 2€ return ticket, valid for travel on Porto urban trains, from any station to Aveiro (Braga, Marco de Canaveses, Guimarães and Aveiro lines) on sale from 28/November at the box office, and from 1/December at the automatic vending machines (VMS) and on board, if the box office and VMS are not available;

    30% discount on IC, IR and Regional trains, valid for trips between 01st and 05th December 2022 (Note: I/V tickets to Aveiro; RT or Train Cheque are not accepted as a form of payment; not cumulative with other discounts in effect; refundable; revalidations only possible within the discount period; available at the ticket office and on board – when the station is not manned);

    • The discounts mentioned in the previous points are only valid upon presentation of the festival ticket or proof of participation + personal identification document at the time of purchase and in transit;
    • To take advantage of this discount, send us an email with your ID card details and your home station!

    To use these discounts you must send an email to info@exodusaveirofest.com with your identification number and station of origin.

    If you’re coming by train, there are several standard discounts.

    • Early bird: Buy your ticket more than 5 days in advance and get discounts of up to 65%
    • Under 25: 25% off all your journeys until you are over 25
    • Group tickets: enjoy special conditions if you travel in a group of over 10 people

    You can find more standard discounts in HERE.

    Oporto (OPO) International Airport is the closest to Aveiro:

    After arriving at the airport, you can rent a car, or use metro to get to “Campanha” train station, where you can catch a train to Aveiro. (depending on the train, takes between 30 and 60 min)

    Lisbon (LIS) International Airport:

    After arriving at the airport, you can rent a car, or use metro to get to “Oriente” train station, where you can catch a train to Aveiro. (2h30m by train)

    02, 03 & 04 DEC 2022

    Exodus Aveiro Fest

    Centro de Congressos Aveiro

    Cais da Fonte Nova

    3810-200 Aveiro

    We are all ears

    Get in touch

    If you need any additional information regarding the festival, feel free to contact us using any of the channels below. Comments or suggestions are also welcome. We will reply as quickly as possible. Thank you!


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    3810-192 Aveiro


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