2017 Edition

During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December at the Aveiro Congress Center, 10 great personalities from the world of photography and video, Ami Vitale, Elia Locardi, GMB Akash, Konsta Punkka, Mário Cruz, Michael Clark, Oliver Astrologist, Pete McBride, Shams and the great honoured Reza Deghati, got together to share stories of their professional and personal paths to inspire the audience to pursue their dreams and expand horizons.

In addition to these inspirational Speaking Sessions, there was also a day dedicated to Masterclasses where some of the speakers were able to share their honeybee knowledge with a more exclusive audience where the technical component of photography and video were the central focus.

In order to complement our rich and diverse program, in a space called NomadLounge, there were activities during the mornings and evenings of day 1 and 2, as the talk of Bioliving (Association for which were channeled part of the profits of this first edition (EXODUS CAUSES) on the importance of photography in the conservation and protection of the environment, the Red Bull Media House Sessions, with the participation of the Portuguese photographer Ricardo Bravo and our guest Michael Clark. There was also room to debate the future of photography and documentary video, in a debate guided by the IPCI and the Manifesto.

The nights were enriched with the NomadTalks, that were lectures by travellers in which Pedro Gonçalves, Luis Quinta, Miriam Augusto, Patrícia Campos, Filipe Morato Gomes and António Coelho shared stories and adventures of their travels. And, also, with the concert of Luís Formiga and the Cabaret Malícia.


Sponsors: Berg, Floricolor, Lexus, Nomad, Moldura Minuto, National Geographic, OLI, TAP Portugal, Prio Energy and Quinta do Vesúvio.

Institucional partners: Câmara Municipal de Aveiro, Turismo Centro Portugal, IPCI and IPF

Media Partners: Alma de Viajante, Comunidade Cultura e Arte, Diário de Aveiro, Fotografia Portugal, Globalpharmacyrx, Mutante and Olhares.

Supporters: Audio Network, CP-Comboios de Portugal, DeCa UA, EFTA, Essensus, Estúdio PT, HumanEyes, Meliã, Pixel, Red Bull and Solar Combo.

Road Trip

In the five days following the festival, from December 4 to 8, a group of photographers and videographers, bloggers, the organizing team and some of the invited speakers visited some of Portugal’s most iconic sites.

This Lady era road trip aims to show a little of what this little corner of Europe has to offer.

In these 5 days, we visited the cellars of Cockburn’s, Quinta do Vesúvio, Reserva da Faia Brava, Museu do Côa, Pinturas Rupestres and Fábrica da Burel. We’ve visited cities, small cities and villages such as Gaia, Almeida, Serra da Estrela, Castelo Rodrigo, Sortelha and Nazaré.


This road trip was only possible thanks to the sponsorship of Prio Energy, Lexus Portugal and Turismo Centro Portugal.

Testimonies of the Guest Speakers

2017 Edition | Exodus Aveiro Fest