Matthieu Paley


Matthieu Paley Photography is a French-born photographer but has left France a long time ago. He is a contributor to National Geographic and a member of The Photo Society.
His interest and the curiosity for humankind has taken him to the most remote areas in the world. In his images, we can see isolated communities but also people climbing the highest mountains in the world!

As a way of complementing his storytelling, he also does writing and video.
Throughout his career, he published some books.
One of the most famous and also the longest project is “Pamir: Forgotten on the Roof of the World”. This project began when Matthieu documented the journey of Afghanistan’s Kyrgyz yak caravans in 2000 and was one of the first Westerners to reach the Afghan Pamir Mountains in winter 2008.
Matthieu has been recognized with some awards like Pro Grant, the Mountain Culture of Mountain Culture and Environment Photography, PDN and a few more.

His images have been exhibited all over the world like France, Istambul, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm and UK.

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