Anabela Gonçalves

Journalist / Speaker / Communication Manager

She has been an animator on the M80 radio station since the first day of Radio. It began in 2001 at 90Fm and went through 105.4Cascais, Best RockFm, among others. Graduated in Journalism at the University of Coimbra, she knocked on TVI’s door and experimented with television. She met and fell in love with Photography to finally understand why she studied Journalism.

She produces content on air, gives voice to advertisements and other audiovisual productions, and doesn’t disregard her own formation because she knows that only learning she allows herself to grow as a professional.

Anabela did Teather and had training in voice and singing, and she “recycles” her knowledge about digital journalism. Speaker and entertainment host she makes a point of showing nerves that public speaking can be intimidating but it doesn’t bite and “the one who commands my voice is me”.

Today she’s responsible for the Communication of events like the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest. She also was responsible for this area and for Social Media between 2015 and 2017 at the Experimental Theater of Cascais, where she could hear the most satisfying sound of those who want to see the chairs occupied: the breath of a sold-out room. The poster on the covers of the newspapers, the television cameras behind the scenes…

Multitasker by nature, empowered by dedication.

She knows that it is by diving into the written words and stories of ordinary people we learn to write and tell various stories differently and better. With tingling at the fingertips, she is fed like this. These and other stories that she drinks from books, photographs, music, travel, people, nature, and ultimately life. Will there be more inspiration?

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