Benjamin Von Wong


Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer with a very unique style and who wants to pass a very special message.

Ben is a conceptual photographer with a touch of a hyper-realist style. Photography began as a hobby such as others he once had, such as the violin or taekwondo, but this one remained a little longer.

In 2007, while working in a mine, he has training in mining engineer, after a breakup, he realized that he had to find a new hobby.

Then, in 2012, he left his job as an engineer to dedicate his time to photography!

He currently uses his talent to create images that draw attention to environmental problems! When we see Ben’s images we are carried almost to the world of the Comic Books, when in fact, we are in the real world, with real problems like pollution, excessive use of plastic, trash, and so many others…

His latest projects are about environmental conservation and awareness in collaboration with Greenpeace International!

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