Bernardo Conde

Travel Photographer / Workshops / Tour leader

Bernardo Conde is a passionate photographer specialized in travel, nature and outdoor photography. His portfolio includes places like Madagascar, Mongolia, Iceland, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Morocco, Italy, France and Spain, among others. Bernardo describes himself as a traveller. But it’s walking that he likes to travel the most. For him traveling, photography and meeting people while walking through a country is the most genuine way of contacting with everything that surrounds him.

In his photographic portfolio he tells us stories from Africa and Asia to different locations in Europe. He has already held several international exhibitions, in Brazil and Paris, and some of his photographic work has been distinguished in “Talents 2010 – Darqroom” book. In Portugal he has exhibited several times solo, including “Buen Camino”, “Aveiro – City of Salt”, “Spring of Winter” and “Feeling Porto”. Bernardo Conde has also edited the book “A window through Marocco”. Since the beginning of 2013, he has been working as a Tour Leader in countries such as: Madagascar, Mongolia, Iceland, Morocco, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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