Daniel Ochoa de Olza


Daniel Ochoa de Olza is an award-winning independent photojournalist based in Madrid, and sometimes CDMX, Mexico.

A native of Navarra, Spain, Daniel has been assigned to cover history-shaping events and has documented a great variety of people and cultures.

Son of a writer and a History of Art teacher his interest turned from painting to photography in 2001 when he started studying Artistic Photography at the School of Arts, in Pamplona, his hometown and later continued his education in Fine Arts, carried out in the University of Barcelona.

From 2005 Daniel was based in Madrid as a staff news photographer with The Associated Press. As of July 2017, Daniel embarked upon a independent career to focus on a combination of long-term personal projects, feature stories and portraits series.

Daniel has led master classes, workshops and conferences in several Universities and education centers in Spain, Mexico and Chile.

His work has been recognized with several honors including various World Press Photo, and dozens of other prestigious internationals awards.





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