Filipa Leite Rosa


Filipa Leite Rosa was born in Lisbon in 1986. She graduated in civil engineering and practised this profession for a few years until she devoted herself to photography full-time in 2014. However, her interest in this art form began much earlier, during her teenage years, with street and travel photography. Event photography emerged in 2012 and is her current profession. At the same time, her interest in documentary photography began to gain ground and is now a centrepiece of her life, so her main desire and goal is to continue developing independent photographic projects.

She has taken part in various photography workshops and group exhibitions, most notably the Narrativa Masterclass organised by photographer Mário Cruz. During this masterclass, she developed the “Póvoa e Meadas” project, which resulted in the publication of her first book in 2022 and a solo exhibition in 2023.

In 2023, she became a founding member of Narrativa, a non-profit association dedicated to sharing and enhancing photography as a form of expression and communication.

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