Filipe Morato Gomes


Filipe Morato Gomes was born in Porto. He is 50 years old, has worked in multimedia for over a decade and is the founder of the Alma de Viajante project, one of Portugal’s most prestigious travel blogs; and, more recently, the Rostos da Aldeia project, which aims to tell the positive stories of those who live in the interior of Portugal.

He travels the world in search of stories and people who bring his chronicles to life: he has been to over 100 countries, has made two long trips around the world but, whenever possible, he travels indoors to share the best that Portugal has to offer. He has been to Iran 21 times as a travel leader, a country he is deeply passionate about; he has edited a book of chronicles called precisely “Alma de Viajante” (Traveler’s Soul), in which he portrays the first of those round-the-world trips – which would transform his life forever – and other books he co-authored within the scope of the ABVP – Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers, of which he has been president since its foundation.

He prefers unpaved villages to large urban centers and, as long as he’s not confined to a resort, he feels at home in the Amazon jungle, in the central desert of Iran, in the mountains of Tibet or in a village in the interior of Portugal.

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