GMB Akash


GMB Akash is one of the biggest references of Asian photojournalism, with works of great human and cultural depth. Born in Bangladesh, he soon became known in the circuit of documentary photography, having won more than 100 international prizes, including the World Press Photo and Travel Photographer of the Year.

He dedicated more than 10 years to the project “Survivors”, telling incredible stories of survival by victims of sexual abuse, child prostitution and slavery. This resulted in a self-published photography book depicting the invincibility of the human spirit to survive against all odds. The proceeds from the book and subsequent exhibitions go to helping the subjects in that book in order to make them and their families self-su cient.

His work can be seen in over 100 mainstream publications, including National Geographic, Vogue, Times, Newsweek and Der Spiegel.

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GMB Akash | National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest