Guilherme Melo Ribeiro


Guilherme Melo Ribeiro is the creator of the project HumanEyes. HumanEyes is a project of Authentic Human Stories around the Globe.

He wants to inspire people to live intensely. For that, he shares real stories of travellers that humanize their journeys.

In his way of seeing the world, Guilherme believes that travelling is an act of discovery and personal fulfilment that makes us better human beings.

The awarded director and entrepreneur is always searching for authentic moments to capture the true Human feelings. He works for known brands such as LʼOréal, Four Seasons, Unilever, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, various Tourism boards and many worldwide personalities like Garrett McNamara, Luis Figo among many others.

His work has been featured in platforms like 9Gag, Beautiful Destinations and Unilad inspiring followers around the World.

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Guilherme Melo Ribeiro | National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest