Jennifer Adler


Jennifer Adler is a conservation photographer, cave diver, and National Geographic Explorer. Her love for the ocean growing up inspired her to study marine biology at Brown University and later to work as a biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey. Her work as a photographer is informed by her scientific background, and she uses her imagery to give a voice to science and conservation. She specializes in cave diving, underwater photography, and 360° underwater imagery.

Jenny has a PhD from the University of Florida, where her graduate work focused on freshwater, specifically building a new water ethic and reconnecting the next generation of Floridians to the aquifer beneath their feet. She developed and implemented an environmental education program called Walking on Water that immerses elementary school students in Florida’s springs, cameras in hand, and teaches them about the aquifer via the first 360-virtual tour of the Floridan Aquifer. Her interdisciplinary research blends science, communications, and education and seeks to understand how we can most effectively use conservation photography as a tool in both communications and environmental education.

She is a TEDx speaker and has exhibited throughout Florida and at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

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