• João Maia

João Maia


João Maia is a travel photographer, currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. When he travels, even if it is for leisure, the main concern is photography. He likes to be in the right place, at the right time, to capture the best possible light and tries to do it everywhere he goes.

His goal as a photographer is to share the world as best he can, and he hopes that his work will inspire others to care more about the world they live in and to realize how beautiful it is.

Lately, his photographic projects have been more focused on traditions, traditional festivals, and traditional crafts. His goal in traveling has been to try to document some of these traditions around the world, such as the work of people struggling to stay alive.

His photographs have been shown in five exhibitions about Iceland, Japan, India and Portugal.

Besides photography, he studies and teaches Budo (Japanese martial arts), particularly the subjects of Iaido and Jodo. He is also a Software Architect at Fujitsu Portugal.

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