João Rodrigues


João Rodrigues [1989] is a filmmaker, photojournalist and marine biologist specialising in natural history and conservation.

During his professional career, which has taken him from the icy waters of the Nordic seas to the coral reefs of the tropics, he has collaborated on documentaries such as National Geographic Channel’s “Europe ́s Wild Islands”, BBC’s “Blue Planet 2”, NHK’s “Oasis-Azores Islands-North Atlantic Ocean”, Arte Channel’s “+ ou – 5 mètres” and iTV’s “Life at the Extreme-Deep / Azores”.

João Rodrigues is currently a contributor to National Geographic Portugal and director of the production company Chimera Visuals, through which he made the film “Cavalos de Guerra” (War Horses), which was shown at environmental film festivals in the United States, Argentina, Mexico and England, among others. He also works as Director of Photography on nature and wildlife films for international production companies such as the BBC, NatGeo, NHK, Bonne Pioche and Passion Planet.

Awarded in internationally renowned photography competitions such as the European Photographer of the Year, the Underwater Photographer of the Year and the SIENA International Photo Awards, in 2021 João was the first Portuguese to win first place in the prestigious London Natural History Museum competition, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

João Rodrigues’ mission is to tell the stories of the oceans through what he believes is one of the most important tools for raising community awareness: visual storytelling.

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