Keith Ladzinski


Keith Ladzinski is a young American photographer and filmmaker that develops projects on adventure, commercial and travel photography and video.

Keith Ladzinski early set in his area of interest. He spent his days shooting the peaceful mountains of Colorado and on the other hand, with the same pleasure, captured his friends doing skateboarding.

Currently works in the most remote locations on the planet to portray the natural beauty of it, to practice extreme sports and also to do commercial work, for National Geographic Magazine and TV, The New York Times, Nikon, Red Bull, Adidas, Budweiser, Discovery, Oprah, Nikon, Dell, The Weather Channel, ABC, Canon, Red Bull TV and The North Face.

As a filmmaker, Keith and his team, 3 Strings Productions, have already made more than 20 movies all over the world.

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Keith Ladzinski | National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest