• Luís Ferreira

Luís Ferreira

Fotógrafo e Videógrafo

Luís Ferreira was born on the 14th of March 1982, and from a young age he was confronted with a family with the same passion for traveling and adventure. From his great-grandfather that left for America in search for a better life, grandparents that experienced the golden years in Angola and even his own parents that split their life between Portugal, Africa and South America. The travelling spirit lives in Luís Ferreira genes.

At the age of sixteen, Luís left on his first adventure abroad and went to Slovakia as part of a culture exchange program, where he started taking photography and portrayed the experience – back then, using negative film. It was when his passion for photography started running through his veins.

He followed his interests in the field of Arts and graduated in Industrial Design in the Design Technology and Communication University (IADE) in 2005. Life took him to deepen his knowledge in multimedia and has since established most of his work in this area.

His work seeks to portray an almost invisible world and its extreme beauty like never seen before. Pursuing a relationship with every living creature he photographs, helps Luís find the strength to build a connection between man and nature whilst raising awareness for conservation and appreciation of species.

He has been a regular contributor to National Geographic Portugal and he is often a guest speaker in the renowned Nature-related festivals in Portugal.

Luís has been developing several photographic and multimedia projects for NGOs, municipalities, foundations and institutions that recognise the quality of his work. Also a leader in adventure travel, expert in cultural impact such as his adventure throughout India and Norway.

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