• Madalena Boto

Madalena Boto


With a degree in Biology (2008, FCUL), she completed her Masters in Wildlife Documentary Production (2010, University of Salford) with the production of ‘Priolo’, a short film about the conservation project of this endemic bird of the Azores. In 2014, he directed the natural history documentary ‘As Ilhas Desertas’ about the work to recover the ecosystems of the islands of Santa Luzia and Raso in Cape Verde, a project made in co-authorship with Alexandre Vaz. In the same year, he published two articles in National Geographic’s Portuguese magazine about scientific research and conservation projects in the Amazon and Cape Verde. Between 2015 and 2018, he lived in Bristol, where he worked on international television productions, including the BBC Natural History Unit’s ‘Extraordinary Rituals’ series. In 2019, he directed the documentary ‘Das Pedras Fez-se Terra – Histórias da Beira Baixa’, shown on RTP2 and produced by Ocidental Filmes. He is currently collaborating with Lx Filmes on several productions, including a documentary on Lisbon’s biodiversity.

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