Marta Dúran

Traveler | Content Creator | Tour Leader
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Marta Durán, better known as ‘Marta das Boleias’, dedicates herself to traveling and exploring the world through her work as a photographer, content creator and tour leader.
She is a traveler with a heart full of stories and a storyteller in constant movement and transformation who is fascinated by listening to the places she passes through and the people who inhabit them.

The return from each adventure has become the prologue to the next. Through social media she shares her art and vision of the world and seeks to inspire people to live their own adventures in harmony with the natural world.

With a degree in Communication, Marta started volunteering in Mozambique at the age of 18 and has never stopped since.
Her growth as a traveler came in 2016 when she traveled through 11 European countries alone and hitchhiking. This was followed by a stint in Nepal and India, before she moved to Guinea Bissau where she worked in UNICEF’s communications department. From this experience she retained a strong connection with the country where she returns regularly. In 2019, she said goodbye to Lisbon and headed to Bissau alone on a bicycle.

She is currently leading trips to Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. Her passion for the marine world and its preservation has been growing in recent years, which has led her to take the plunge into underwater photography, her latest passion.

Marta Dúran | Exodus Aveiro Fest