Merche Llobera

Photographer by Sony

Passionate about the animal world and a natural-born adventurer. Merche has traveled the globe to share oceans and land with wild animals, capturing them in her photographs in a special and unique way. 

Her work has been recognized in international competitions such as the Ocean photographer of the year, Nature in focus, Siena Awards, Montphoto and 8th 35 Awards, among others. Moreover, she was part of the Spanish team for the 2023 World Photographic Cup, being awarded as “Best of the Nation”.

Through her images, Merche seeks to convey a vital message about the importance of conserving animals and their natural habitats.

In 2022, she worked as a mentor for the “Wildlife Photography” program at AFRISOS (African School of Storytelling) in Tanzania. A beautiful initiative that aims to create African photographers who can tell the stories of their continent.

Merche has also collaborated with 14 women photographers in the inaugural volume of the MOTHER magazine, where they seek where they seek to show the importance of nature and animals in our lives.

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Merche Llobera | Exodus Aveiro Fest