Pedro Cerqueira

Photographer / Designer / Entrepreneur

Pedro Cerqueira is a photographer, designer, and entrepreneur. He was born in Porto, where he got his degree in photography. He fell in love with the art of snapping images and writing “wordless” stories very early; capturing people, places, moments, objects, passions, essences and different states of soul. For him, photography is a way to express himself; challenging and relaxing at the same time.

As a professional photographer, he has captured many moments of happiness, giving them eternal life through his works. Pedro prefers spontaneous and outdoor photography and the moment he enjoys the most is when seeing smiles in the eyes of those to whom he dedicated his photos. He has done photo and video works on national and international motorsports events, too. Since 2016, he lives in Aveiro where he has been embracing new projects, related to image development, photography and event organisation.

He is one of the founders of “Rosemary’s Soul” blog (Alma de Alecrim blog), where he publishes his recent photo works around the topics he likes the most: food, travelling and lifestyle. The blog features an essay-like content of every-day stories about the world he lives in and it’s a place where he challenges the feelings of those in his photos; which gives it a more emotional style of photography.

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