• Ricardo Lourenço

Ricardo Lourenço


Ricardo Lourenço was born on the 21st of December 1982, in the city of Portalegre, Portugal.
He lived all his life in permanent contact with the natural environment and it was through this symbiosis that he built his perception of the world. In 2007, due to the fascination of wanting to know “in loco” the wildlife that surrounded him and the growing passion for photography, he combined these two areas and started to capture ordinary moments of wildlife. Photograph after photograph, he began to give more importance to the processes, methodologies and products resulting from his work. The world of birds, especially, whetted his appetite for unique images of wildlife in Portugal. Through regular publications on the web and specialty magazines he aims to connect people to the natural world by drawing their attention to the beauty that the uniqueness of an image can convey.

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