Tânia Muxima

Traveler | Surf Instructor

I was born in Angola, lived in Brazil and only then came to Portugal, more precisely to Figueira da Foz, a place where I was lucky enough to grow up and live. I work in Switzerland, in a shelter for mountaineers, 4 months a year and the rest of the year I spend travelling. Whenever I return to Figueira I give surf lessons so I can save some more money to travel.
The taste for travelling did not start very early. I used to like hanging out with my friends to surf and ride my bike and that’s how I enjoyed myself. But it was precisely with those friends that I started to travel, to bodyboard, and during those trips I started to be curious about what was beyond the waves in each of the countries I travelled to. I have spent the last few years travelling the world by bike, but it was Africa that won my heart more than the other continents.
Travelling by bicycle for me is the best way to travel, we go at the ideal pace to see and experience the places. I am passionate about landscapes although I am aware that what defines countries are the people and their culture.
For me, every journey is special and remarkable.

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Tânia Muxima | Exodus Aveiro Fest