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Timothy Allen

Fotógrafo e Videógrafo

Timothy Allen is an English photographer and videographer known for his long portfolio of indigenous communities around the world.

He has a long history of collaborating with communication agencies to document the most diverse events around the world. More recently, his projects have taken him to every corner of the world, from the Himalayas to the bottom of the Chinese Sea, as well as to Arctic communities, rainforests and the most remote places in the desert.

Timothy’s most established project is the Human Planet documentary series. For two years, Timothy has travelled the world to the most inhospitable and remote places to document the different ways of life in these communities.

His latest adventure, “Epic Animal Journeys” led him to face extreme weather conditions to document the migration of reindeer along Siberia.

Timothy is a regular commentator on TV and radio in the area of media and travel/exploration. He is also an experienced speaker who has held several inspiring conferences for the Royal Geographical Society, as well as giving important presentations at conferences and corporate events around the world.

Timothy Allen has created, together with the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, a scholarship, “Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award (TAPSA)”, which is given every year to 5 photographers from anywhere in the world.

Regarding the list of awards and distinctions, we can highlight the 19 honourable mentions for Travel Photographer of The Year, having won the award in 2013, and emphasise that the project “Human Planet” received 2 BAFTA and also an Emmy.

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