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Exodus Aveiro Fest 2022 - Saturday

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Exodus Aveiro Fest 2022

EXODUS AVEIRO FEST is an International Photography and Video Festival that gathers the best professionals in this area, in a unique event in Portugal. On December 2, 3 and 4, 2022, at the Aveiro Congress Centre, the invited photographers will talk about their lives, work and their experiences, creating a wave of inspiration, information and awareness that will remain in our memory for many, many years. They are some of the best photographers and videographers in the world, with special careers, working regularly with publications such as National Geographic, Time Magazine, among others, but also with many other names in the media, commercial and corporate world.

It will be an intense weekend, full of storytelling!

The mission of Exodus Aveiro Fest is to help make people more aware of the world around us in all its dimensions: natural/environmental and human/cultural/ethnic. We want to foster respect for nature and the human condition, make people more tolerant, more proactive, and above all, to let go of their fears and barriers so that they can achieve their goals, living a richer and more complete life of experiences and personal fulfilment.

For all this, in this year’s edition we have the participation of the following speakers, in the afternoon panels of the 3rd and 4th:
Ragnar Axelsson, Michael Yamashita, Art Wolfe, Beth Wald, Pippa Ehrlich, Alixandra Fazzina, Andy Best, José Sarmento Matos, Brittany Mumma, Pie Aerts

And on the mornings of the 3rd and 4th:
Matilde Fieschi, Luísa ferreira, Luís Godinho and Jacinto Policarpo

On the 2nd of December, for the first time, we will have a social evening, open to the whole community! Even those who do not have a ticket, on this night, will be able to join us, get to know the environment of the Aveiro Congress Centre and have fun with us.

For this night we have the privilege of having the lecture of the photographer Rick Smolan!

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