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East Meets West: Journeys Along the Silk Road

Having traveled the world for National Geographic for the past 40 years, I have a special affinity for fellow travelers. Perhaps that is why I have been so drawn to the stories of two of the most legendary voyagers, Marco Polo and Zheng He.

Following Marco Polo, the first of this trailblazing pair, took me back to the late 13th century. I retraced Marco’s overland adventures from his first-hand account, west to east along the Silk Road from his hometown of Venice, through Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan across the mighty Pamir mountains and the Hindu Kush, on through China and the exotic lands of the Far East. I was stunned by the accuracy of his descriptions and how, in many places, so little had changed over the course of 700 years.

And next, while shooting for a National Geographic story on Zheng He, I was transported to a 15th-century sea-faring world. Zheng He, the “most famous explorer no one’s ever heard of”, was a Chinese admiral who commanded a massive 300-ship fleet that made seven voyages on the sea Silk Road -- fully 100 years before Europe’s great age of exploration. He returned to China with a knowledge of the customs, goods and traditions of the South China Sea, South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa, obtained through peaceful trade and mutually beneficial cooperation. He also brought Chinese influences to his many ports of call. I found signs of the impact of his Treasure Fleet throughout Southeast Asia and as far as the Swahili coast of Africa.

Both Zheng He and Marco Polo were modern thinkers, far ahead of their times, whose journeys helped shrink the world and bring foreign ideas to their sides of the globe. It’s my good fortune to have the opportunity to present a photographic narrative of both the land and sea Silk Roads traveled by these iconic travelers, to celebrate their spirit of discovery and to inspire explorers of the future to imagine new frontiers.


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Date: December 03, 2022

Start time: 09:30 WET

End time: 12:30 WET

Venue: Centro de Congressos de Aveiro

Coordinates: N: 40º38'17, W: 8º38'37

Directions: Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Aveiro Cais da Fonte Nova 3810-200 Aveiro

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